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Friday recipe roundup: Easy-Peasy

This week threw us some curve balls in the dinner department. I was prepped for dinner on Monday, knowing full well that our little one was scheduled to get her shots that night. I needed to have something easy and ready to go so I could focus on keeping her comfortable and happy. (She’s the type of baby that doesn’t react well to shots. She normally spikes a fever and just wants to be held. I happily will hold her as long as she wants). We had pretty simple meals this week, and because of that… guess what? I didn’t screw up anything!

So here goes…


Monday: French Onion soup and Grilled Cheese

french onion soup


I prepped the soup on Sunday night and all I had to do Monday morning was click the Crock Pot on. When we got home from the doctor’s the house smelled awesome and all I had to do was whip a couple sandwiches. I did nothing fancy – just your old school bread and cheese. I love a grilled cheese.


Tuesday: Oven tacos. I told you about these guys in my first Friday Recipe Roundup. And if I wasn’t clear then, let me  repeat. They’re awesome. Change up Taco Tuesday with this twist on the traditional. We usually prefer soft tacos over hard taco shells, but when you make them this way…the shells become a little soft (not a bad kind of soggy though) and have just enough crunch. Perfection.

oven tacos


Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs. Told you we kept it easy this week… except we didn’t eat this meal Wednesday. The husband worked really late and I wasn’t about to prep a whole meal just for myself. So I heated up the leftovers from Taco Tuesday and called it dinner.

Thursday: When we really ate spaghetti and meatballs. I used angel hair pasta (my favorite) and made homemade meatballs. I loosely followed this recipe, but did not make my own sauce. Channeling my inner Sweet Brown cue the words: Ain’t nobody got time for that.



Friday: We’ll be having spinach and sausage pasta tonight. Use this recipe if interested. I can’t say much about it since I haven’t cooked it yet…. But looks great to me!

sausage pasta


Weekend meal: We are attending some parties on Saturday so I’m skipping cooking that day. Sunday we’re going to have crock pot turkey.  This one should be interesting. Stay tuned.

crock pot turkey


Have a great weekend!


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