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My husband and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Monday.


We both agreed that going out on a Monday night is 1. Stupid (for us) 2. Next to impossible. We always try to celebrate our special occasions with a delicious seafood meal. So instead of rushing home from work after picking up the baby from my mom’s house, getting ready and lugging all of us out the door (leaving our poor Goldendoodle home alone at night after being alone all day), we decided to wait until Saturday. We even got a sitter lined up so we can enjoy some alone adult time.

After scrolling through my old wedding photos online and reminiscing a bit, I kind of forgot about the significance of the day.  I went through the motions and worked a busy day and rushed home so I could enjoy the rest of my night with B, the babe and the goldendoodle. I knew he had something for me (and I honestly thought he bought me a new iPhone because I’ve been bitching about mine for a long time now). But what I got was SO much better.


I actually didn’t put much thought in to what I was going to get him, he said he wanted new golf shoes and that’s what he was going to get. Until the Pittsburgh Pirates made it to the playoffs and game 4 of the NLDS was at home. He managed to find tickets for himself and left work early the day of the game. I told him since it was a pretty pricey event, that the ticket/night out with friends was his gift from me. Even though they lost, he still had a great time and thanked me profusely for the spontaneous splurge. He’s been a Pirates fan his whole life, and honestly nothing makes him happier (well, beside his family) than sports. It was the perfect gift for him.

So I didn’t know that, traditionally, you are supposed to give cotton as a second anniversary gift. But B did. He knew that because he took the time to look it up online. That act alone was enough of a gift for me… but who doesn’t love a little gift here and there? (I do! I do!). When I saw the package I didn’t know what to expect. It clearly wasn’t an iPhone. I was truly surprised when I pulled out a long, pastel pink, cozy bath robe – made of, you guessed it, cotton. Stuffed in the pockets were my favorite slipper socks and a gift certificate for a massage.

photo (1)

He said he thought a bath robe was perfect because “I like to be comfortable and warm.” Plus, he said, he was sick of seeing me an old, beat up robe I have had since college. I had a hard time holding back the tears because he put so much thought into the gift, ensuring that the robe was made of 100% cotton. He also said he tried finding cotton slippers for me, but knew I liked fuzzy socks better. And even though they weren’t cotton, he bought them for me.

This man continues to prove his love for me day in and day out. He makes me my coffee every morning and brings the piping hot cup back to our bedroom when I’m getting ready for work. He steadfastly stood by my side through 36 hours of labor, holding my hand and gently wiping the sweat from my forehead. During my emergency c-section he showed no fear and told me that he was proud of me. This is the man that, after surgery, held me up in the shower when I couldn’t stand and dressed me when I couldn’t lift my legs. This man affectionately asks me every day, “Shan, do you love me?” and sends me texts throughout the day to let me know he’s thinking of me. This same man looks at a daughter with love so deep that it takes my breath away. He doesn’t flinch at changing a poopy diaper and tells our little girl how beautiful she is every. single. day. He still holds my hand and kisses me goodnight and tells me he loves me every day.

I knew I loved him on October 14, 2011. I just never knew how much more I could love someone I already love.

Baby approved of the robe too.



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